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CERAWeek Spotlight: Invest Alberta's Digital Engagement Drive

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Project Overview

The Alberta video digital relaunch aimed to spotlight the energy opportunities within the region, focusing on hydrogen, carbon capture, and renewables. With a limited budget and a condensed timeframe, the campaign aimed to raise awareness about the ease of doing business in Alberta, highlighting streamlined processes and government support for new projects.


The primary goal was to build awareness about Alberta’s energy projects and its business-friendly environment, particularly targeting professionals in energy, cleantech, and related sectors. 

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This included promoting the ease of conducting business in Alberta and showcasing government support for new projects.


The campaign faced several challenges, including a limited budget of £1000 and a short duration of one week. 

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Additionally, the niche audience and content related to CERAweek required a targeted approach to effectively reach and engage the intended audience.


To address the objectives within the constraints, a dual-channel approach was adopted, with £300 allocated for Google display ads and £700 for LinkedIn ads.

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The strategy involved leveraging audience segmentation based on job titles, industries, and company sizes to ensure precise targeting.


LinkedIn ads targeted professionals attending CERAweek 2024, emphasizing Alberta’s business advantages and energy prospects.

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Google display ads were deployed to reach a broader audience, focusing on keywords related to energy projects and investment opportunities.

The Kit

Sony FX3


StandPLUS Pro


DJI Air 2S


Adobe Premiere


The Process

The Strategy

The strategy emphasized precise targeting based on job titles, industries, and company sizes to maximize relevance and engagement. Ad creatives highlighted Alberta’s energy potential and business-friendly environment, tailored to resonate with the target audience’s interests and priorities.


The campaign generated significant impressions and clicks across both Google display and LinkedIn ads. Impressions were particularly high in key locations such as Houston, Chicago, and Denver, with notable engagement from senior professionals in the energy and cleantech sectors.


Despite the challenges posed by budget constraints and a short timeframe, the campaign successfully raised awareness about Alberta’s energy opportunities and business advantages. By strategically leveraging Google display and LinkedIn ads, the campaign effectively reached and engaged the target audience, contributing to the overall objectives of the relaunch initiative.


Linked Ads

Impressions varied across company size segments, with significant exposure to large enterprises (10001+ employees).

Targeted industries such as Oil and Gas, Machinery Manufacturing, and IT Services saw notable engagement, indicating relevance to key sectors.

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Impressions were highest among senior job titles, including Owners, CEOs, and Managers, ensuring exposure to decision-makers.

Top locations for engagement included Greater Houston, Greater Chicago Area, and Washington DC-Baltimore Area, aligning with campaign objectives.

Overall, the LinkedIn ads generated significant impressions and clicks, reaching a diverse audience interested in energy and related sectors.


Impressions surpassed 100K, indicating broad exposure to the target audience across various devices.

Notable engagement with specific audience segments, such as those interested in energy conferences and oil field services, demonstrated relevance to industry-specific interests.

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Impressions were predominantly on mobile devices, highlighting the importance of mobile optimization in ad delivery.

Age group engagement varied, with significant clicks from the 25-34 and 35-44 demographics, indicating appeal to working professionals.

Overall, the Google display ads achieved a respectable click-through rate (CTR) of 0.68%, driving meaningful traffic to the campaign landing pages.



Invest Alberta confidently positioned itself ahead of CERAWeek, leveraging strategic digital advertising to engage with peers and spread its message to relevant audiences, setting the stage for impactful participation in the event.

Incredible ROI! How two cut boosted our revenue through strategic advertising.

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