Pearl Liang

Tantalizing Fusion Of Elegant Modernity & Authentic Eastern Allure

Pearl Liang

Project Overview

With its blend of modern elegance and authentic Chinese charm, this premier London destination offers intimate dining enclaves amid a vibrant ambience, masterfully fusing sophisticated flavours with Eastern tradition. Aiming to revitalise their online presence, they sought to create a cutting-edge video advertisement for their website and an outdoor screen at the restaurant premises. The primary objective was to highlight their culinary offerings through an innovative and visually captivating lens.


Pearl Liang aimed to elevate their brand’s perception as a modern and innovative Chinese fine dining establishment. By increasing their online visibility and driving traffic to their website and physical location…

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They sought to showcase their signature dishes and unparalleled dining experience in an enticing manner. Achieving a consistent, upscale branding across digital and physical channels was paramount to their objectives.


Standing out in London’s crowded restaurant market posed a significant challenge for Pearl Liang. Capturing the authenticity of their cuisine while appealing to modern tastes required a delicate balance…

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Integrating traditional Chinese elements with a contemporary aesthetic was another hurdle to overcome. Additionally, filming the intricate processes of dish preparation and plating proved demanding.


Known for their high quality and innovative menu items, we agreed the best approach is by using key menu items and highlighting them through artistic food videography combined with effects that match the restaurants menu style…

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The combination of these two elements would be perfect for maintaining a cohesive branding language and colour palette throughout the project whilst showcasing the elegance and beauty of their food.


A full-day video shoot was scheduled at the restaurant. Behind-the-scenes footage of the kitchen and beverage preparation processes was captured, along with tabletop shots of prime dishes expertly lit to highlight their presentation. 

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We created a two-minute video with special effects to the style consistent with their menu. The video will be used on the restaurant’s website and looped on a screen inside the restaurant.

The Kit

Panasonic GH6


StandPLUS Pro


DJI Air 2S


Davinci Resolve 18


The Process


Upon receiving the client’s brief, the creative team crafted a detailed film treatment outlining the visuals, narrative, and marketing strategy. To ensure authenticity, they conducted an on-site recce, immersing themselves in the ambiance and carefully selecting signature dishes. Experiencing each dish’s presentation and lighting first-hand allowed them to deeply understand the nuances to capture an alluring visual experience.


The production team meticulously planned an efficient one-day shoot at Pearl Liang, arriving early in the morning to leverage the restaurant’s ambiance without disrupting service. A sophisticated lighting setup, employing spotlights and colour wands, was implemented. Leveraging Panasonic’s GH5 and GH6 cameras with an array of lenses, the crew captured visuals alongside a hired hand model performing action shots.


The editing team streamlined the footage in DaVinci Resolve, leveraging its colour grading capabilities and Fusion software to craft bespoke graphical effects mirroring Pearl Liang’s menu design for a cohesive brand experience. The full HD 1080p video, tailored for the restaurant’s TV screens, was additionally optimised for web and social media delivery. Complementary elements such as music, sound effects, and stock imagery were incorporated to enhance the overall viewing experience. 


Pearl Liang’s artfully crafted video content elevated its modern brand identity, driving increased website traffic, social engagement, and reservations. The immersive visuals seamlessly integrated into the restaurant ambience amplified the dining experience, enticing patrons with a tantalising glimpse of the culinary artistry awaiting them and solidifying Pearl Liang’s status as a premier Chinese fine dining destination in London.

Pearl Liang


Capturing the essence of modern yet authentic Chinese fine dining. Meticulous planning through a detailed treatment, on-site ambience study, and efficient one-day shoot with sophisticated cinematography brought the vision to life. Expert post-production elevated the culinary artistry through editing, colour grading, and bespoke branding effects, culminating in an immersive, multi-platform video experience, showcasing the transformative power of compelling storytelling for captivating audiences and propelling brands.

We were delighted with the video for our restaurant. The ad aligns with our brand and can be used in various forms.


Pearl Liang.


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