How We Cut

A Visual Journey of Food and Flavour.

About the Series

We set out to create a stunning video series revealing food as an art form for the senses. With high-definition cameras, we spotlighted each dish up close to showcase colors, textures, and details often overlooked. Our goal was to portray cuisine as a visual masterpiece through intimate close-ups and rich audio of sizzles and aromas.

art direction

Vibrant props amplify the palette of flavors and aromas on display.


Dynamic camera angles capture food as a visual performance of color and texture.


Intimate textures invite viewers into an artistic vision of cuisine through a food lover’s lens.

About the Approach

This cinematic approach transports viewers into a sensorial experience of food, beyond just sustenance. Meant for social media channels, this series offers an artistic perspective that awakens audiences to the splendor of food. From striking compositions to luscious backgrounds, we present cooking as a feast for the eyes and spirit. Each episode invites the audience into a world often only seen by impassioned food aficionados.

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About the Team

Jack Boyson

Kyle Ferguson

Joe Boyson

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