End To End: Svalbard

Unveiling the Saga of "End To End: Svalbard" through Marketing Collateral

End To End: Svalbard

Project Overview

Acumen Media, a forward-thinking media company, embarked on an extraordinary journey: capturing the thrilling expedition of seven adventurers through Svalbard’s snow-covered terrains. With budget constraints and a need to kickstart their marketing campaign before filming wrapped up, they enlisted our expertise to craft Instagram campaigns for their upcoming film, “End To End: Svalbard.” Over nine months, these campaigns garnered over 650 organic followers and averaged around 200 likes per post, all without paid advertising or boosting.


Acumen wanted to distribute their film on popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. To do this, they knew they needed an established audience for the film.

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This is why they began their marketing efforts early.


With limited access to the production team in Svalbard and sparse reference materials, we relied heavily on communication with the Acumen team based in London.

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Additionally, the unpredictable nature of the documentary made it challenging to provide concrete direction for our creative endeavors.


To engage audiences and cultivate interest in the expedition, we devised a dynamic social media campaign titled “Meet the Trekkers.”

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 Through a series of meticulously crafted videos, we introduced each expedition member, offering insights into their motivations and aspirations. By leveraging the trekkers’ existing fan bases and amplifying the campaign across multiple platforms, we succeeded in fostering a vibrant community of enthusiasts eagerly following the journey.


We further bolstered our promotional efforts with a series of visually striking posters, each highlighting a different aspect of the expedition’s narrative. 

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Despite challenges such as broken audio and visual issues in the footage provided by the trekkers, we persevered, employing innovative solutions to ensure the success of our campaign.

The Kit

Sony FX3


StandPLUS Pro


DJI Air 2S


Adobe Premiere


Meet the Trakkers

The Plan

To engage audiences and cultivate interest in the expedition, we devised a dynamic social media campaign titled “Meet the Trekkers.”, a series of one-minute videos where each Trekker would provide insights into their aspirations and fears about the upcoming journey. This was to make the trekkers more relatable, giving the audience a reason to see the outcome of their trip, thereby fostering a sense of rapport with them. We saw this as an excellent opportunity to introduce the Trekker’s established audience to the Svalbard End-to-End film as well.


The videos were a breeze to produce thanks to the meticulous planning of the trekkers. They sent us an abundance of interviews before embarking on their journey, providing us with more than enough footage to work with. Each trekker was asked the same two questions, and their responses were captured in a consistent format which included their name, age, profession, and background. As a result, we were able to create a series of videos that are both engaging and informative. Our confidence in the quality of the videos is unwavering, and we are certain that you will be impressed by the results!


The series was a success, garnering an average of 300 likes and 1,500 organic views per clip. These numbers are impressive for a page that has only been active for a month. Additionally, we posted pictures and updates of their journey whenever they had access to Wi-Fi hotspots, which they sent to us to ensure that the page stayed regularly updated.

The Trailer

The Plan

After the trekkers returned from their trip, Acumen requested that we start working on an official trailer for the film that would feature on a potential stream platform. The trailer aims to inspire viewers by showcasing a mixture of emotional highs and lows that the trekkers experienced during their journey. By featuring the challenging moments, such as trekking through snow storms, and the best moments, such as the beautiful sights and vistas they encountered, the trailer will encourage viewers to question if the trekkers achieved their goal.


After Acumen approved the trailer, it was taken to multiple film festivals in Germany and London and garnered much positive attention. Thanks to these results, Acumen Media managed to secure deals with Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft to host the film on their platforms. Currently, the trailer is available on these platforms’ film pages.


The trailer’s success, achieved through its promotion on social media, festivals, and by attracting the attention of executives at major movie distributors, stands as an inspiring example of what can be accomplished with hard work and dedication.

Svalbard: End To End


Acumen Media was pleased with the results of the campaign. Our work met their high standards as a video production distributor, and they achieved the desired traction while keeping costs low. The film had a budget of £20,000, which included marketing expenses.

Incredible ROI! How two cut boosted our revenue through strategic advertising.

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