StandPLUS Pro

With the Edelkrone StandPLUS PRO foldable camera stand, creating a solo webcast is now easier than ever. Set any camera angle within seconds and take as many shots as needed to create more engaging videos. Thanks to the versatile camera stand, you can spend less time behind the camera and more time shooting content. There are no more barriers to changing the camera angle.

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The StandPLUS PRO is perfect for shooting instructional videos. Find the angle that creates the most effective narration within seconds and increase the expressive power of your content. It has a load capacity of up to 2.7 kg, perfect for using DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, compact video cameras and more. The maximum height of 158 cm allows easy shooting from above, which traditional tripods simply cannot do. Shooting from a bird’s eye view is essential to show your audience what you are working on and create an immersive viewing experience. Thanks to its metal caster wheels, the StandPLUS PRO can easily turn and move, and you can even take tracking and dolly shots. Just move around the subject and find the best angle.

Camera Positioning Has Never Been Easier

With its knobless design and flexible joints that stay in place as you leave, StandPLUS lets we achieve the perfect angle in seconds.

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Perfect for Creating‍ How to Videos

We no longer have any barriers to change the camera angle. Find the angle in which we will make the most effective narration in seconds, increase the expressive power of our content.

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